Invisalign is your opportunity for a perfect smile

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What is Invisalign

Invisalign are clear aligners that patients wear to move the teeth from the preliminary position to the desired final position. We develop a treatment plan online that incrementally breaks the treatment up into stages. Each stage = 1 aligner and each aligner is slightly different in shape to allow the teeth to move towards their final, straight position. Patients must wear their aligners as close to 24h/ day as possible to allow the intended movements to take place. If they do not, desired results may not be achieved or can take significantly longer than is planned. The aligners are extremely hard to detect while speaking with someone a few feet away and therefore are a wonderful option for adult patients. Teens also make great patients as long as they are compliant in wearing their aligners! At Mynt Dental we are able to provide Invisalign in Winnipeg with treatment times that typically range from 6-24 months. Patients come to our office every 2 months to have their aligners and teeth checked.After one completes their Invisalign treatment, they will be placed into retainers. Retainers prevent the teeth from relapsing, or moving back into a less desirable position. We strongly recommend that our patients always continue to wear their retainers at night time and to call us to order a new retainer if they lose, or break them!

Dr. Stein was one of the first general dentists in Winnipeg to incorporate Invisalign into his private practice, in 2010. He has now completed hundreds of orthodontic cases and understands how important orthodontic treatment is to the overall oral health.

Invisalign is only one of the clear aligners on the market, but is the most popular due to the progressive nature of the company and the vast amount of infrastructure developed and efforts into research and design.  Below are a few benefits that we are able to provide to our patients at Mynt Dental when working on Invisalign cases.

  1. Cleanings at aligners check appointments so that patients do not need to come in for separate hygiene appointments. Patients teeth are more prone to build-up and cavities when they are in invisalign. This is because the teeth are covered by the aligners both during the day and at night. This makes the teeth harder to clean, and the saliva (which has self cleaning ability)  does not come into contact with the teeth.
  2. 2. Teeth checked for cavities, cracks and all other dental issues at all aligner check appointments.
  3. Teeth checked for tartar build up at aligner check appointments.
  4. Retainers included in treatment.
  5. Teeth positions are continued to be monitored after Invisaligntreatment at regular recall cleaning and check up appointments.
  6. Hybrid Invisalign treatment.

One common fallacy that patients often are not made aware of is that orthodontics are the only way to improve the aesthetics of one’s smile. We always offer all options to our patients at Mynt Dental so they can make an informed decision as to which treatment options best suits their needs. For example, is someone has small spaced teeth and a very stable bite then porcelain veneers may be a better option than Invisalign to close the spaces. Another important option available to patients is hybrid invisalign treatment. This is when Invisalign is used in conjunction with porcelain veneers, composite bonding, or gum recontouring to lengthen teeth.  Examples of this would be if a patient wanted porcelain veneers because their front teeth were stained, dark, or small, but the current position of the teeth did not allow for a good functional or desirable result. At Mynt Dental we can provide the full comprehensive extent of treatment, so patients get the best aesthetic results.