Mynt Dental KIDS

Our Childres Dental Services

We absolutely love meeting our Mynt Dental Kids patients. The most important aspect to pediatric dentistry is making ones first appointment a positive experience. This is crucial, because then the next visit becomes so much easier and enjoyable. We find that by the second appointment kids are excited to come to Mynt Dental and often it is difficult to get them out the door. We make their experience exciting, interactive and our staff is integral to creating a positive experience. Here is a list of a few reasons why our patients love coming into Mynt Dental

  1. Custom huge kids play area with TV/s, video games. XBOX, bowling etc (our adult patients love this because we have kids area separated acoustically to keep calm, serene environment)
  3. KIDS soundproof custom headphones
  4. Staff that all have their own youngsters, and relate so well to our patients
  5. Take home toys!
  6. KIDS toothbrushes
  7. Pediatric patients easily and comfortably transition into adult division of clinic

We also have MYNT dental custom sports-guards. Patients can get any colour, and logos that they want visible on their guard! We ensure that our patients teeth are always protected. We have unfortunately seen too many hockey, basketball and soccer injuries that could have so easily been prevented. We have helped develop custom guards that fit, and are so comfortable that they can be worn during all sports.

Oral hygiene instruction is provided to all of our pediatric patients to ensure they learn how to properly brush and floss. We recommend that all our patients brush a minimum of 2x/day and floss 1x/day. We provide important pearls and techniques so that as our patients grow up they have the tools necessary to maintain good oral hygiene.

We also assess nutrition and diet to ensure our patients are not over consuming items that may have a negative impact on their oral health. For example, if certain sugars are being consumed at an elevated amount, patients teeth can be more prone to decay.

Also certain acidic foods and drinks can have a negative effect on the teeth. Healthy snacks and meals, specifically fruits and vegetables are key to a healthy diet. Cheese, milk, and yoghurt are also great because of the calcium to strengthen enamel.

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