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Our Children’s Dental Services

We absolutely love meeting our Mynt Dental Kids patients. The most important aspect of dentistry for kids is making one’s first appointment a positive experience. This is crucial because the next visit becomes so much easier and enjoyable. We find that by the second appointment, kids are excited to come to Mynt Dental, and often it is difficult to get them out the door. We make their experience exciting and interactive, and our staff is integral to creating a positive atmosphere. Here is a list of a few reasons why our patients love coming to Mynt Dental:

Custom huge kids play area with TVs, video games, XBOX, bowling, etc. (Our adult patients love this because we have a kids’ area separated acoustically to maintain a calm, serene environment)

  • KIDS soundproof custom headphones
  • Staff who all have their own youngsters and relate well to our patients
  • Take-home toys!
  • KIDS toothbrushes
  • Pediatric patients easily and comfortably transition into the adult division of the clinic


We are specialists in children’s dentistry and offer a range of services, including:

  • Finding a dentist who’s experienced with childrens dental to ensure the best care for your child’s dental health.
  • Expert dental care for kids in a friendly and comfortable environment.
  • Regular dental check-ups for children to monitor and maintain their oral health.
  • Effective dental treatment for kids tailored to their individual needs.
  • State-of-the-art dental clinic for kids designed to make visits enjoyable.


Our experienced dentists understand the unique needs of young patients and focus on promoting children’s dental health. We provide guidance on oral hygiene for children to establish healthy habits early on. Our dedicated children’s dental specialists prioritize your child’s comfort and well-being, making every visit a positive experience.

We also offer guidance on baby teeth care and emphasize the importance of a healthy diet. Our team assesses nutrition and diet to ensure our patients are not over-consuming items that may negatively impact their oral health. For example, if certain sugars are being consumed at elevated amounts, patients’ teeth can be more prone to decay. Additionally, certain acidic foods and drinks can have a negative effect on the teeth. Healthy snacks and meals, specifically fruits and vegetables, are key to a healthy diet. Cheese, milk, and yogurt are also great because of the calcium to strengthen enamel.

Looking for a reliable partner in your child’s dental care? Turn to Mynt Dental KIDS for exceptional care and guidance in children’s dentistry.

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